Thing-A-Day 2011


Thing-A-Day is a yearly event where participants create something each day in the month of February. 2011 was my first year to participate and I prepared a large list of potential projects. Each day I would choose an item from my list or just make something up on the spot.

The Things

Each link goes to the blog, where I have photos, videos, and descriptions of the projects.

  1. Remote Shutter Cable
  2. Joule Thief
  3. Freeform Flash Foto
  4. USB Upgrade to My Yaesu Radio Interface
  5. Super Mario 3 Mini Game Display
  6. Radio Antenna
  7. Business Card Wiggler
  8. Slides for a Future Presentation
  9. Arduino Pomodoro Timer
  10. Moleskin-Style Pocket for a Notebook
  11. Bath Fizzy
  12. Magnetic Loop Antenna
  13. Design for a Camera
  14. Cutting Bit Feed Rate for Roland Modela Desktop Mill
  15. DIY Humidifier Wick
  16. Tool Roll
  17. Pinhole Camera
  18. Plans for a Video Game
  19. Photo: The Kitchen Through a Random Lens
  20. Audio Filter Repair
  21. Another Antenna
  22. Pen Plotting on the Modela
  23. Three Macro Photos
  24. Cabinet Repair
  25. Arduino Noisemaker
  26. A Near End Fed Antenna


As you can see from the list, I didn't finish all 28 days in February. By the end of the month, I had completely run out of ideas that I could complete in a day.

An important lesson I learned was that while technically I had 24 hours to finish each project, in reality I could usually only schedule about 30 minutes! My perfectionist tendencies meant that a few things had to be "declared finished" long before I'd have liked simply because there aren't 28 hours in a day.

If you've not tried to reach this level of productivity in your hobby, I suggest you give it a shot. It is like hiking a long path. At first you attack the month with energy. Then that first rush is gone but you remember it so you can push through. Then you reach this endless plateau where you feel constantly creatively exhausted. Finally, the end is in sight and you just try to scramble through to meet the end.

Grave descriptions aside, it was fun and I learned a lot about how I work and different ways of making things. I even got some neat stuff done. I'll definitely participate next year.

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